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Legacy - Why do I have Budgets Showing up under the N/A Revenue Type?

When a a Prospect account is added into Matrix/Monarch, it is not assigned a Revenue Type.  When you Budget by Account and Revenue Type, the Accounts are automatically loaded into the Budget Template and the Revenue Type is shown as "N/A".

If you enter in the Budget on this Account line, the Budget amount will be shown on the Revenue Type of "N/A" when you set your Bird's Eye View/Sales Outlook to total by Revenue Type, and when you have Revenue Type in your hierarchy within your Reports

In order for the Budget to show on the correct Revenue Type, you would need to re-enter the Account within the Budget Template and add the proper Revenue Type.  Once the new line has been added, this is where you would enter in the Budget.

Adding in a New Budget Item

You would add in the new Budget line by using the Add Budget Item or New Business button at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the button, go through the fields and select the proper item for that field.

1.  Click on the Add Budget Item or New Business button

2.  Select proper item for each field's drop-down list

   - Office - The Office the Account you are budgeting for, that the billing will be coming out of

NOTE:  If you are a Manager or an Account Executive that handles multiple Offices, please make sure that you select the correct Office for the Account that you are adding in. Example: For Local Account Executive, make sure that you select the "Local" Office.  

NOTE:  For Nexstar users, if you are adding in a new Budget line for your "HYFN" Accounts, please make sure that you are selecting the "HYFN" Office and a Revenue Type that begins with "HYFN".

   - Account - The exact name of the Account as it appears in the Account List.

   - Revenue Type - The Revenue Type you are budgeting for, that the billing will be coming in on.

NOTE:  You might have Outlet listed if you are entering Budgets from the "Fill Out Budgets" screen.  If so, the Outlet will be the Outlet that you are budgeting for, that the billing will be coming in on.

3.  Enter in the Budget Dollar Amounts - The Budget entry months will be may enter in your Budget amounts right here or you may select one of the "Save" buttons.

   - Save and add more items - You will receive another pop-up dialog box to add another Budget line.

   - Save and finish - You will be taken back to the Budget screen.

Once you are back in the Budget screen, the newly added Budget line will be listed at the bottom of list.  If you refresh the page, it will be placed within the List.

You will notice that the Account is listed with the Revenue Type as "N/A" and with the one you had just added in.  There is not a way to delete out the one that has "N/A".  This line should just be ignore. 

If you had previously entered in any budget dollars, they will need to be cleared out.  This can be done by entering in "0" in each of the months that has a dollar value.

Quick Tip:  To quickly clear out an entire line, click on the Menu button on the far right hand side of the Budget line -> click "Copy"  -  -> Enter in "0" for the dollar amount to copy -> Check the "All" checkbox -> Save

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