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Legacy - Adding New Business - Manager

To add a New Business Budget total within your Budget template, please follow the below steps:

Note: We recommend to add the New Business totals as a Revenue Type. If Revenue Type is not part of your hierarchy, you can add it to other Line Items within the template following the below steps and making the appropriate substitutions.

Below is an example of adding New Business to the Revenue Type line within the Budget template with the hierarchy Office>Outlet>Salesperson>Rev Type.

Once you are in the Budget template, go to the Salesperson's line (This is because this is the line above where you are adding your New Business), select the Gear icon, choose Add New Business.

This adds the *New Business Rev Type (line) where you can add your Budget numbers for New Business.

In the below example "Matrix Manager" (AE) now has a New Business Budget of $8,000 under the *New Business Rev Type. 

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