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Activity Analysis Dashboard - Overview

Activity Analysis Dashboard

The Activity Analysis Dashboard provides you with insight and visibility into the activities that are being logged within Matrix.  This will provide managers with easy-to-read analytics regarding what their team is up to, and allow a salesperson a simple interface to view a breakdown of their activities.

You access the Activity Analysis Dashboard via Reports – Dashboards tab.  This dashboard offers a quick view of the top AE’s with the most Activities, the # of Activities by Day, and the detailed listing of this information.

The following breaks out and explains each component that makes up this dashboard.

Timeframe - defaults to the current month, but can be easily modified:


Show By:  Individual Salesperson, or Salesperson Group.

Activity:  Group by the Activity Group Name (Parent) or by the Activity Subtype Name (Child).

Top 5 Most Active

 The graph will list the top 5 AE’s (or AE Groups) with the most activities within the select timeframe.

Activities by Day

The stacked bar graph that illustrates the # of activities on a given day of the week.  This will quickly illustrate what day AE’s are most active.

List Details

The list will show the Activity Type selected above, as Columns.

Export Raw Data

This will send the above report details to a CSV file (as shown below).

The export also includes additional data points by providing both the Advertiser and Agency associated with the activities.

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