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Sales Coverage Analysis Dashboard - Overview

Sales Coverage Analysis

The Sales Coverage Analysis Dashboard will offer insight into which of your Markets or Outlets have revenue against them, and how they compare to each other so you can easily see how your accounts are buying your various platforms.

How do I access the Sales Coverage Analysis Dashboard?

You can bring up the Sales Coverage Analysis Dashboard by clicking on the Reports -> Dashboards -> Sales Coverage Analysis

What happens when I go to the Sales Coverage Analysis Dashboard?

Once you click on the Sales Coverage Analysis link, the dashboard automatically generates for you.

At the top of the dashboard, you can make a few selections to generate new data.  You can change the “Start Date” and you can select to see your data displayed by Market (this is great if you are a “corporate” user or oversee multiple market areas) or by Outlets.

  • Start Date – The Start Date is the timeframe that the billing will be calculated for.
    • Select the Month that you want to start with, the Year and the number of Months you want to include from your starting month.  
      • Example:  If your Start Date was May, 2017 for 3 Months - the data will return the billing for May, June and July 2017.
  • Market – The Market is the total of all of the individual Outlets combined.
  • Outlets – The Outlets are each individual station or platform shown broken out on their own.

What is the “Export” button?

On the top of the Sales Coverage Analysis dashboard, you also have the “Export” button.  The Export button will export the Sales Coverage Analysis Dashboard as you see it on your screen into a .pdf file format.

What is the “Export Raw Data” Button?

At the bottom of the dashboard, you have an “Export Raw Data” button.  This will export the dashboard information into a non-formatted Excel spreadsheet workbook.  In the Excel spreadsheet, if you would have a need to, you would be able to manipulate the data in whatever manner that suited you.

What does “Coverage” mean?

The bottom half of the Sales Coverage Analysis dashboard will list the accounts and show their total billing for each of the Markets or Outlets.
This will give you a great view of what Market/Outlet is purchased the most and the least.  So you can see where you are excelling and lacking in sales, where you have great upsell possibilities and where you can maybe offer a digital initiative or a bundle package.

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