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Legacy - Budgets: Top Down or Bottom Up?

Bottom up budgets are used to provide Account Executives with their revenue goals.

Top Down budgets are designed to allow Managers, and corporate users, the ability to set Budget goals outside of those meant for Account Executives.

If your market goal is different from what’s been assigned to your sales staff, create a Top Down Budget template focused on adjusting the overall Budget numbers for each salesperson.

When running reports and/or within the Sales Outlook pod (Bird’s Eye View page) , you have the option to choose between Top Down or Bottom Up in order to view  how your team is doing. 

The following screen shots illustrate where these options are located:

Sales Outlook Pod on the Bird's Eye View

Reports with a Budget column

NOTE:  Budget totals in a Top Down template are not pushed to the Account Executives.

The following screen shot illustrates how Matrix displays which Budget template is Top Down or Bottom Up; (Notice the ‘T’ and ‘B’ next to the Budget template name.)

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