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Contact Profile - Work with the Twitter Pod

Now you can add the Twitter feed of your contacts to Matrix to stay up to date with them via Twitter. To setup the Twitter pod on your contact's profile, navigate to their Profile Page. You can search for the contact in the search bar in the upper right hand side of Matrix. Once you are on the page, follow the below to add the Twitter feed.

1. Click the Edit the Contact button.

2. Locate the Twitter field and add the public Twitter URL.

3. Click the Save Button

Once saved, viewing the Twitter pod with a valid Twitter URL in place allows you to view the last 20 Tweets associated with the Twitter URL that you entered.

You do not need to have a Twitter Account in order to utilize this functionality as it is all public information, however, if you do have a Twitter account you can Like and Retweet from this pod.

If you wish to view more Tweets, scroll to the bottom and select the Load More Tweets option.


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