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View the Last/Next Activity per Account

The Master Account List will show you the last time an Activity was completed with an Account as well as the next time an Activity is planned.

This is extremely useful when determining if an Account should be reassigned due to inactivity and should help to re-enforce regular contact with your clients and prospective customers.

To locate the Last and/or Next Activity for an Account:

  1. Select Lists at the top of your screen in the Menu Bar, then select Accounts.
  2. Click the Master List button on the top right.
  3. The column name “LAST/NEXT ACTIVITY” will show the day, month and year of the Last and Next Activity for the Account.
  4. If there has been no Activity, “-/-/-“ will be displayed.

Note: You are not able to sort the “LAST/NEXT ACTIVITY” column in Matrix. However if you export the Accounts list from the Master List, the “LAST ACTIVITY” and “NEXT ACTIVITY” columns are separated in Excel which then gives you the ability to sort by either activity.

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