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Bird's Eye View - Sales Outlook Checkboxes

Within the Bird's Eye View there are a few check boxes in the Sales Outlook Pod that will update and change how the data is displayed.

Shows Groups – Will show the Parent group name based on the display toggle selected.  In the example below – Salesperson toggle is selected;

Use Weighted Forecast – This will change existing PENDING & FORECAST columns as follows, as well as, the weighted Pending and Forecast dollar amount controlled by the Weighted Slider option on the Deal Header;

Use Agency Forecast Adjustment - Deals where an agency is involved can now benefit from an Agency Adjustment option that will apply a database wide "netted down" cut to the deal. While the dollar change is invisible on the deal itself, you can set a similar option on the Forecast/Weighted Forecast, and Budget reports as well as the Sales Outlook pod that will apply the % cut to the forecast for any deals salespeople flagged. This is a great way to see both the full deal amount as well as the "netted down" view of a deal!

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