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Legacy - Locking Budgets - Manager

If you want to prevent a user from editing a Budget then you’ll want to place them into a read only mode that we call Locking a Budget. This can be done immediately or scheduled for the future (with extra warnings baked in!).

From the Budget List (Lists -> Budgets) simply hover over the Budget template that you wish to lock, click on the gear option that appears, and then select Lock from the gear menu option.

Note: This option will only be selectable if you are the Budget template owner as well.

1. Lock this budget now—You can choose to lock the Budget immediately. This will prevent users from editing the template the next time they try to access it. This includes you!

2. Lock this budget on a specific date—Selecting this option will allow you to set the LAST day a Budget can be edited. For example if you use 12/31/2016 as your date, then at midnight on 1/1/2017 the Budget will be locked. This allows users to edit Budgets all day long on the final day.

3. Remind users via email—Matrix provides up to 3 reminder emails to anyone that the Budget template is shared with that their templates will be locking soon and no further changes can be made. You can determine how far in advance to send them. For example if I wanted to remind a user 2 weeks out, 1 week out, and a day of reminder then I would select all three checkboxes and place 14, 7 and 0 into the text boxes.

Any changes to the locking can be made by repeating steps 1–3. Matrix will remember that you previously scheduled your Budgets to be locked in the future. You can also completely remove the locking schedule via this method as well or change your mind and lock the Budget now via this same process.

If you ever need to unlock a Budget, simple select the unlock option from the gear menu on the Budget List and the template will be immediately unlocked for editing by everyone that has access to it.

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