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How to Find Which Accounts are Assigned to a N/A Revenue Type?

Accounts assigned to a Revenue Type of N/A are a result of no Revenue Type being selected when Pending was entered on the Deal.

You can find which accounts are setup this way by running a Forecasting Report using the following guidelines:

  1. Click Reports on the top of your screen
  2. Click Forecasting & Deals Reports tab
  3. Click Forecasting Report
  4. Set Account as the first hierarchy
  5. In the Filter area, click Rev Types on the left side
  6. Deselect ALL, and only select N/A
  7. Click Run
  8. Adjust the time frame in the report as desired e.g. Month + 2, Quarterly, etc.

If you would like to remove N/A from the accounts, please visit the article of Why is My Pending Marked for N/A?

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