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How to Find Accounts Without Contacts

There are plans to have this available as an alert or some type of dashboard for our Premium customers, but you can still find Accounts that do not have a contact regardless, but there will be several steps involved.

  1. Go to My List via the Lists drop down menu in the Matrix menu bar. Select Accounts.
  2. If a Manager, filter by a particular Salesperson and/or Office if desired (recommended).
  3. Download to Excel, and save spreadsheet using a name that applies to the data contained within.
  4. Go to the Lists drop down menu, select Contacts, and download to Excel. Note: There is no filtering by Salesperson option.
  5. Save the spreadsheet using a name that apples to the data contained within.

You will need to sort the spreadsheets by the Advertiser Name, and then cross reference each to see which Advertiser Name does NOT appear in the Contact List - this will indicate that there is not a contact attached.

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