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Legacy - Budgets - Applying a Percent (%) Increase

I would like to set my Budget by applying a percentage to a particular year's revenue.  Is this possible?

Yes, you can take a specific year’s revenue dollars and apply a percentage to set the Budget for the year that you are budgeting for. This function allows you to quickly enter in your Budget. You can apply a percentage to set the entire Budget or just an item. 

      1.  To get started, display an item’s past revenue. (If you are increasing the entire Budgetview the total’s past revenue.

2.  At the bottom of the screen (in the Past Revenue area), click the Increase Budget button beside the year that you wish to use as your baseline. 

3.  In the dialog box that appears, type an amount into the percentage field (omitting any special characters and decimals). 

For example, if you wanted to increase it by 20%, you would type 20 in to the field.

Note: If you wished to decrease the Budget, you would type a minus sign preceding the amount. For example, to decrease the Budget by 10 %, you would type -10 in to the field. 
4.  To apply and save your changes, click the Save button. 
Matrix will compare the items in the historical billing year to the items in the current Budget worksheet. It will apply the percentage to matching items with historical values. 
Note:  This is an action CANNOT be un-done!  which will overwrite existing data that you entered into your Budget, so please be certain that you are applying the correct percentage to the correct year to the correct item. 
If an item does not have any historical value, it will remain blank in the Budget grid and you will have to manually Budget for it. 

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