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Legacy - Adding Lines to Budgets

In Matrix, you have the ability to add additional attributes to your Budget template (Office, Outlet, Salesperson, Rev Type, and Account) to be budgeted against. The following will outline how to modify the Budget template to add these attributes.

Let’s assume that your hierarchy is Office -> Salesperson -> Outlet -> Account;

If you are placing a Budget for an Account that is not listed, you can add the Account (if it is a valid Account within Matrix) by following the following steps:

1. Open the Budget template in question.

2. Click the gear menu to the left of the Outlet and choose the Add Account option.

3. Type in the name of the Account in the Search field and select it from the pop up list.

4. Key in your Budget dollars for the newly entered Account

   Note: At least $1 amount needs entered and saved in order for the New Item to be saved.

5. Select Save.

Note: Depending on your specific hierarchy the above process may differ slightly.

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