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Why is My Pending showing under N/A?

The pending is marked for N/A when the Revenue Type field is blank in your Deal(s). In order to remove N/A from the pending, you will need to fill out the Revenue Type field in your Deal. 

Please follow the steps below to fill out the Revenue Type.
1. Navigate to Deals on the top of your screen.
2. On your left, click the account name that has pending marked for N/A.
3. On your right, please select deal name that has pending marked for N/A in the deal name drop down list.
4. Fill out the revenue type by clicking the blank space under “REV TYPE” column. Then select your revenue type from the List.
5. Click Save

Note:We also highly recommend to set up your deal preferences under My Profile so your desired outlets and revenue types are loaded automatically when you enter a brand new deal . 

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