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Legacy - Creating a Budget Template - Manager Access

Before you can enter a Budget, you first need to create a template. A template provides the framework that will hold the figures in your Budget. To add a new template, click the List menu, and then select Budgets. At the top of the Budgets lists, click the Add Budget Template button, indicated by the plus sign.

You will need to fill out the required field, as denoted by the red star. Please ensure you have entered the following:

- Entered a name for the Budget
- Selected a hierarchy for how you will budget. You can select up to five hierarchical levels for your Budget. The final part of the hierarchy is the data point that the account executive's will utilizing to enter their dollars.
- Selected the appropriate year for the Budget.


Once you have entered in your data, click the Save button to save the template.
Upon saving the template, you will be presented with the following message box.

- If you choose Cancel, the template will be saved and the message box will close. It simply will not send the template to any other users at this time.
- If you choose Send, you will be presented with a list of your team members. Check the box preceding the salespeople that you wish to send the template to, and then click the Send button. Checking the Select All check box will select everyone on the list.

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