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How Do I Delete a Prospect with a Deal Associated to Them?

In attempting to delete Accounts from your Account List, you may get an error if it is a Prospect that had a Deal associated to it. 

In order to delete out a Prospect that has a Deal on it, you have to delete out the Deal first. If the Deal is in a “closed” status (Closed – Won or Closed – Lost), you have to re-open the Deal and then delete it.

Change the Status to “Open” on the Deal:

  1. Click on the Deals link at the top of your screen in the Menu Bar
  2. In your list of Accounts, click on the Account’s name that you have to delete the Deal for.
  3. In the area where you enter in your pending dollars, click on the drop-down arrow for the Deal name
  4. Select the name of the Deal that is listed under Closed Deals
  5. Once the deal comes into view, click on the Edit button 
  6. Click on Deal status and select Open – Proposed 
  7. Click Save in the popup box
  8. Click Save on the Deal

Repeat the steps above if you have more than one closed Deal.

Now, you should go to the Account profile page of the Account that you are deleting. A short cut way to get there is to click on the Account’s link on the Deal details that you have just re-opened.

Once at the Account Profile, you can start to delete the Deals from the Account. To delete Deals from the Account Profile Page :

  1. Click on the Deals tab
  2. Click on the red X next to the Deal’s name
  3. Click on the Delete button to confirm that you want to delete the Deal

Repeat the steps until you delete all of the Deals that you have for the Account. 

Now you may return to your Account List, by going to Lists from the Menu Bar, selecting Accounts.

  1. Hover your cursor over the name
  2. On the right your will see the Gear icon
  3. Click on the Gear icon
  4. Click Delete

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