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Work with an Account's Deals - Adding or Editing Deals

Access the Account to Add or Edit a Deal
1. Access the Deal Management page by selecting Deals in the menu bar located at the top of any page.
2. Select an account from the My Accounts list on the left.
Add a New Deal
1. Select the "+" (Add a Deal) button.
2. To add a Forecast Row:
- Click the [+] preceding a blank row.
- Complete the Outlet and Rev Type fields by selecting choices from the available drop lists.
- Complete the rest of the fields, by typing a value in to each field.
- Click the Save button.
- A Forecast Row allows you to specify where the Deal’s money will be allocated.
- You can quickly copy a value to every month on a Deal by clicking on the copy button and selecting which months to add your dollars to.
- The dates available in a Forecast Row correspond to the selected Time Frame. For example, if you set the month to June 2016 for 3 months, the months available would be June, July, and August 2016. See "Edit the Deal Details" below for more details.
- If you added default Outlet/Revenue Type/Commission Rate combinations to your Preferences (in your Profile page), the forecast row(s) will already be created for you. In this case, you will only need to add dollars for each month.
To Delete a Forecast Row:
1. From the left side of the row, click the Delete (x) button.
2. Click the Save button.
Edit the Deal Details
The Deal Details include the Time Frame, Est Close Date, Name, etc.
1. Click the pencil icon (as shown below) to edit the Deal Header. The Edit Deal Details dialog box displays.


  Here you can change the "Office", TimeFrame", "Est Close Date", "Sales Stage" and/or Deal "Status", as shown below.

2.  Click the Save button to commit any changes.
Notes:- The Time Frame represents the period in which a Deal will run. 
- The Agency field will typically default to the account’s affiliated agency. If one has not been affiliated, then the N/A agency will be associated with the Deal.
- To update the Agency and Contact fields,you must search for the Contact or Agency. Type at least two characters into the field, then select a Contact or Agency from the list of choices that appears.
- The Est Close Date is the date that you expect the Deal to close. This field will default to one month from the current date. If you wish to select a different date, you can choose one from the calendar located on the right side of the field.
- The Weight field represents the likelihood that the Deal will close. The percentage that you choose is your best guess. To alter the weight, click and drag the slider bar. Your organization may not use this feature. In this case, you can ignore this field.
- The
Sales Stage represents the stage in the sales cycle that you feel that the Deal is in.
- The Status represents the status of the Deal. Open - Pending is typically used when you are very confident that the Deal will be closing, and you are ready to add dollars to the Deal. Whereas Open-Proposed can be used when you are not sure if the Deal will close and/or have no idea how much the Deal will be worth. This is a good choice for a Deal that is just in the initial sales stage.
- Click the 
Save button when finished.


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