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Legacy - Exporting and Importing Budgets

Sometimes you just want to work in Microsoft Excel. Perhaps you like to add columns for calculations and other custom data that you use to help build a Budget template. Perhaps you just want to update your Budgets without anybody seeing them until they are completed.

Downloading the Budget Template for Offline Editing

  1. Navigate to the Lists Menu and choose Budgets.
  2. Hover over the Budget Template and click on the Gear icon on the far right.
  3. Select Save for Offline Editing. A download will begin.

Open the downloaded Microsoft Excel file and fill out the dollar amounts as you see fit. 

NOTE: You are unable to delete, reorder, or rename existing columns. 

- However, you can add new rows to the bottom of the file as long as you use exact spellings that are already within Matrix for all fields except for Account. 
- You can also add your own columns to the end of the file for any custom calculations that you may want to perform. 
- The file will overwrite dollar amounts already within Matrix, but keep in mind that blank fields will be ignored on import and $0 fields will import as $0.

Uploading the Budget Template back into Matrix

  1. Navigate to the Lists Menu and choose Budgets
  2. Hover over the appropriate Budget template and click on the Gear icon on the far right. NOTE: You will only be able to upload to the same template that you downloaded from.
  3. Select Import and then locate your file via the browsing dialog.
  4. A confirmation message will display in green in the upper right when successfully uploaded letting you know how many records were updated, ignored, or created. If there were any rejections a detailed email will also follow.

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