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Salesperson Preview - Reassign One Account

In order to access the Salesperson Preview, navigate to Actions on the top of your screen, then select Salesperson Preview. The following section presents an example of reassignment an account. Note: Click "Managing your Proposal List" for details on how a Proposal is created.

Example: We would like to reassign the account Elle’s Pony Store from Liz Lemon to DB Cooper.

How to: On the left side, expand Liz’s list. Then, drag and drop the account on top of DB Cooper’s pod (on the right).

On the left side the account (Elle’s Pony Store), changes to magenta, matching DB Cooper’s pod on the right. Their pods update, reflecting the changes.

Please keep in mind that the account will not be reassigned until you actually execute your changes by clicking the Execute Changes button. 

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