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Local Account Maintenance - Overview

In Matrix, we now offer you the ability to Group, Merge, or Rename Accounts if you have the permission. Accounts that import in with misspelled words or the improperly used (or forgotten!) apostrophe can be fixed instantly. So why not group those local auto dealers together to make reporting easier for you? The choices are yours, but the benefits can be seen by all!


To locate the Localized Maintenance page, navigate to the Actions menu and select Account Maintenance.


  1. Search - Search for any of the Accounts on the Localized Maintenance List.
  2. Name - The Name of the Account that you wish to Group, Merge, or Rename. This is also a link to the corresponding Account Profile page if you need to get any additional information about the account.
  3. Type -  Determines if the account is Lead, Prospect, or Billing. Often times this is used to determine if an account should be merged (misspelled prospect with a  correctly spelled billing account) or just renamed (a single misspelled billing or prospect account)
  4. Group - The current grouping of the Account. An Account can only belong to one group at a time.
  5. Creation Date - The date that the Account was created either manually (Leads and Prospects) or imported from traffic for the first time (Billing Accounts)
  6. Last Billed - The last month and year that the Account has billing within Matrix. For Leads and Prospects this is the creation month/year. 
  7. Gear Options- Hovering over a row displays the gear which will allow you to Group, Merge, or Rename the Accounts

Grouping an Account

Merging an Account

Renaming an Account

Please Note: Account Maintenance will only be available if you have the permission to perform merges, grouping, and renaming of Accounts. If you feel that you need access to this, contact us at (877)687-9066 and we’ll talk through your role and responsibilities to see if it’s a good fit.  Also, it is important to note that you can ONLY Rename, Merge, or Group accounts that are within your data partition. This is so that we do not change the name of structure of Accounts in other markets without all parties being involved and helps to keep the data predictable and clean.

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