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Account Profile - Work with the Matrix Locker Tab

The Matrix Locker is an area where you can upload and store files that are relevant to your Accounts to keep them available in Matrix. 

To edit Matrix Locker on an Account:

  1. Click Lists menu and select Accounts.
  2. Click on the Account you wish to view.
  3. Once you are in the Account Profile, click the Matrix Locker tab.

To upload a file:
1. Click the + button next to Matrix Locker. 
-If you are working with a shared account’s profile page, please ensure that the Viewing Account for field is set to the correct salesperson. If the field is set to All, you will be the owner of the file and it will appear in your Matrix Locker.

2. Browse to and select the file from your computer.
-Because you are viewing an item’s profile page, the affiliation will automatically occur. (You will see the item’s name populated in the affiliations box.) In the event that you wish to additionally affiliate it with another item, you can search for and select that item. Click in to the Affiliations keyword search bar and type at least two characters included in the item’s name and select the item from the drop list that appears.

3. Optionally, select a folder to store the file in. (If one is not selected, the file will automatically be placed in the My Files folder.)

4. Click the Save button.

In the event that you are sharing an account with someone, you will have the ability to impersonate the person/people that own the Account. When you impersonate another user you can upload, as well as see the files that they have affiliated with the Account. Otherwise, if the field is set to All, you can see all of the files affiliated with the account.  

To Impersonate another user, select their name from the Viewing Account for list located at the top, of the Profile Page, then proceed as you would in the above to add a file to the Matrix Locker.

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