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Account Profile - Work with the Revenue Tab

The Account Profile's Revenue tab is an area where you can view revenue detail about the Account. To view the Revenue Tab on an Account, move your cursor over the Lists menu and select Accounts. Then click on an Account's name that you wish to view the Revenue Tab. Once you are in the Account Profile, click the Revenue tab.

By default, the account’s revenue data will display based on your default Calendar Type. If you wish to see the data using a different calendar type, select one from the I want to see revenue from drop list.

Additionally by default, the grid displays the Total sum of the revenue from Outlets, Agencies, and Revenue Types grid. To see individual totals, click the Show Revenue Totals drop list, and select an option. For example, to see billing totaled by Outlets, select Outlets from the list.

To see the percentage difference over the previous year in the grid, click the Show % Difference over Previous Year checkbox.

In addition to Revenue totals, the Revenue tab also displays a pacing report. By default, the data displays Pacing for the entire year.

  • If you need to see Pacing for the current quarter, click the Quarter toggle button located above the chart.
  • To hide a line, click a year in the legend. Clicking the year again, shows the line.
  • If you need to see the dollar amount for a point on the chart, move your cursor over the point. A pop up box will appear, displaying the month and the billing amount. 

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