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Export Contacts from Gmail

    Before you can import contacts into Matrix, you first may need to export your contacts from Gmail to a .CSV file. 

     Export Contacts from Gmail

  1. From the upper left side, click the drop arrow, and then select ContactsYour Contacts list displays.
  2. From the list, select the contacts that you wish to export from Gmail, by clicking the checkbox preceding a contact’s name. (Leaving a box  unchecked, excludes the contact from the import file.)
  3. From the More drop down menu, select Export.The Export contacts dialog box displays.
  4. From the Which contacts do you want to export? area, choose the appropriate radio button.
  5. From the Which export format? area, choose ‘Outlook CSV format’.
  6. Click the Export button.

Notes:  The download prompt that you receive, may vary, depending upon the web browser that you are using.  Please do not open the CSV file at this point.  If your prompt provides you with a choice to Save or Open, please select SaveBe certain that you are aware of where the file is being saved to, so that you can easily browse to its location when you import the file into Matrix. Files are typically (but not always) saved to the Downloads’ folder on your computer.

Click HERE  to view how to import contacts into Matrix.

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