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Work with Contacts Pod - Agency Profile

To view the Contacts Pod on the Agency Profile Page, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Agencies.  On the Agency List page, each agency is hyperlinked to its profile page. 

     - Click the Agency Name that you wish to view -> click Contacts tab. The Contacts page displays, listing the Contacts and their information.

NOTE:  -  If you are a manager, you can select a specific AE's name from the "Viewing Agency For..." drop-down list and the Agency Profile Page will reload with the information for that specific AE's information...if there is more than one AE that handles business with that agency.
            -  If you are an AE, the Agency Profile Page will only show the information that is associated with the accounts that are assigned to you.

Access Contact Information

The Contact names appear in blue, underlined text, indicating that they are hyperlinks. Click a Contact name to display the Contact Profile Page.

Edit/Delete a Contact

  1. Move your mouse over the contact that you wish to work with.  A gear icon appears to the right of the selected contact, indicating that you can work with the record.
  2. Move your mouse over the gear icon -> click on the gear ->  Select an option
            - Edit - You can view and Edit the contact’s details.
            - Delete - You can Delete the contact.

NOTE:  If you Delete the Contact from the Agency Profile, you are permanently deleting it from the database.  The Contact cannot be restored.  If you need to have the Contact added back in, you would have to re-enter it.  If you do not need the Contact on the specific Agency, you can Edit the Contact's information and change the "Company" field to another Agency, Account** or clear out the "Company" field all together (leaving it blank) and Save the changes.

NOTE:  **The account should already be established in the Account List and be assigned to the same AE that the Agency/Agency Contact is assigned to.

Add an Agency Contact

  1. From the Contacts pod, click the Add a Contact button. The Add a Contact dialog box displays.
  2. Complete the First Name and Last Name fields, which are required (denoted by a red asterisk "*").
  3. Complete the optional fields, as necessary. Note: If you need to download the contact to your electronic address book, click the Download vCard checkbox. 
  4. Click the Save button.
Note: If you opted to download the contact information using the "Download vCard" checkbox, please follow the prompts on the screen.  However, be aware that the prompts vary depending on the web browser that you are using.

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