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Agency Profile Page - Overview

To view the Agency Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Agencies.  On the Agency list page, each agency is hyperlinked to its profile page. 

Click the Agency Name that you wish to view, the selected agency’s profile page displays.

The Agency Profile page contains detailed information about an agency.

1. Agency Name: The agency's name.
2. Revenue: Displays the agency's revenue history. The initial view is set to Totals. To see targeted revenue, select an option from the list. For example, to see revenue for the accounts that an agency is representing, select Accounts from the drop list. Also, to see the percent difference over the previous year, select the Show % difference over previous year checkbox
3. Deal: Lists the agency's affiliated deals
4. Activities : Displays the agency's associated activities. By default, the view will display Incomplete activities; however, you can view Completed Activities by clicking the Complete button. Note: If the activity is affiliated with more than one contact, the words see all #(the total number) will display next to the primary contact's name. To see additional contacts hold your mouse over the words: see all. A pop-up box will appear, listing the additional contacts
5. Contacts : Lists the agency's affiliated contacts
6. Matrix Locker : A document storage area that allows you to manager file affiliations only related to the agency that you are viewing
7. Integrations : all the integrations that are associated to the agency are on this page.
8. Pacing : Displays the agency's pacing; comparing last year and this year's sales data. The chart includes last month, the current month, and then 10 months into the future, in order to be a rolling 12 month window. Initially,  the pod displays the data by year (based on your calendar). However, you can view the current quarter (three months of data), by using the toggle button above the chart.

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