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Work with the Revenue Pod - Office & Outlet Profile

Displays the office’s revenue history. You have the ability to view the office’s revenue by month or quarter, for a particular calendar type. The default view displays the data in a grid. However, you can see a visual  representation of the revenue by viewing the chart. In either view, data from the past year and current year displays, by Outlet. This will provide you with more details, including the revenue type that generated the office’s revenue.

Note: If no billing or pending dollars exists, the revenue pod will be blank.

Change the View

Time Period and Calendar Type
By default, the office’s revenue data will display in a data grid, by month in your default calendar type. If you wish to see the data by Quarter and/or a different calendar type, use the available options in the drop lists at the top of the pod.

Switch Between the Graph and Grid
By default, the data defaults to display in a data grid. To see the data in a line chart, click the Graph button (located in the upper right corner of the pod). Clicking the Grid button changes the view back to the data grid.

Work with the Data Grid

See revenue data for each outlet
When you are viewing the data grid, you can see additional revenue data for each outlet. To see this data, click the [+] sign preceding the outlet name, and a sub grid will appear.

View an outlet’s profile page
The outlet names, appearing in blue, underlined text, indicate that they are hyperlinks. Click the link to display the outlet’s profile page.


Work with the Line Chart

You can view actual revenue for a certain month by holding your mouse on a point in the graph. You can hide/show a year by clicking the outlet/year in the chart’s legend.

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