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Navigation within the Sales Outlook Pod

To view Sales Outlook Pod, please click Bird'd Eye View from the menu bar. The Sales Outlook Pod is the first pod you will see on your Bird's Eye View. This pod enables you to see an office’s revenue by account or outlet. Although, the view defaults to account by month, you can use the toggle buttons to view the data by month, quarter, or year for an account OR outlet. 

Change the Time Period

By default, the current month’s data is displayed. You can view past and future data by using the Month/Quarter/Year toggles in conjunction with the green arrows in order to modify the time frame.

Work with the Graph

You can hover over a piece of the graph to see exact revenue data for Last Year (booked), This Year (booked), Forecast, and Budget.

Update the Grid Data

By default, the data displays account revenue. To change the data to outlet, click the Outlet toggle button located above the Revenue Grid. Also, you can use the Show groups checkbox to see a group of data, rather than individual items.

Change the Sort Order in the Grid

By default, the data in this grid is sorted by the TY column. If necessary, you can re-sort the data by clicking any of the other column headers.

Note: Selecting a sorted column multiple times alternates the data between ascending and descending order.

Access More Information

The account and outlet names in the Revenue Grid are hyperlinked to their profile pages. A profile page will provide more information about an account or outlet.

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