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Legacy - Budgets - Did You Know for Account Executives?

Budgeting can be a large endeavor. We have put together some handy notes for Account Executives to help in finding your was through the budgeting process. You access the Budget list via the Lists menu - Budgets option.

Note: Budgets can only be entered within the Budget template.

You can copy a Budget amount to any/all months;
- Simply locate the item you want to place a Budget against and click the gear menu to the left of it.
- Choose the Copy Budget option.
- In the dialog that appears, place any amount into the top text-box and then select the months/quarters that you wish to copy that amount into.
You can add additional items to be budgeted against such as preparing for upcoming Digital revenue types. Let’s assume that your hierarchy is Office -> Outlet -> Account -> Revenue Type;
- If you are placing a Budget in against an Account you may already have the Agency business accounted for, but you can also add in Digital (if that is a valid Revenue Type for you within Matrix).
- Simply click the gear menu to the left of your Account and choose the Add Revenue Type option.
- Depending on your specific hierarchy the option may be slightly different.
You can view historical revenue for any item within your Budget template;
- Simply locate the item that you wish to view revenue for and click the gear menu to the left of it.
- Choose the View Past Revenue option.
- At the bottom of your screen you will see historical revenue for that item which you can then use to reference when entering your Budget.
You can remove items from your Budget template that you do not anticipate spending money with you.
- Simply locate the item that you wish to delete and click the gear to the left of it.
- Select the Delete option.  NOTE:  This will delete the item from the template as well as any and all item beneath it so please take care in exercising this option.
- There is no undo and you will have to manually add it and all of its children back in should you make a mistake.
You can increase your Budget by a percentage of historical revenue. This is a great way to get a baseline on returning Accounts and makes it easier to tweak them moving forward;
- With the Historical Revenue displayed at the bottom of your screen, simply click on the button to the left of any historical year.
- This will allow you to then enter a percentage to increase your Budget by.
- For example, increasing an Outlet by 10% would be to simply type in “10” into the box. To decrease an Outlet by 10% you would type “–10”.
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