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Legacy - Entering Budgets by an Account Executive

Your manager will setup a Budget for you in the way that they want you to input your Budget amounts. You will be notified via email when a manager makes a Budget available for you to work with. The email will look similar to the image below.

To access your Budget:

  • From the email, select the Click Here link. Your Budget will display in Matrix.
  • From the Lists menu, select Budgets. The Budgets list will display. From the List, click the Budget that you would like to view and/or edit.

Note: A lock symbol preceding a template name on the Budgets List indicates that your Manager has locked the template. This means that you can view the Budget, but you will not be able to edit it.

By default, all items in the Budget grid are collapsed. Only the first item chosen in the hierarchy will display. In our example, Office is displayed because it is the first item in the hierarchy. To enter a Budget for an item, you must expand each level in the hierarchy until you reach the lowest level. Click the [+] sign preceding each item that you wish to expand.

Figures are entered for the item located at the bottom of the hierarchy. The amount then rolls up to the top. In our example, Revenue Type was the last item selected in the hierarchy. So, a Budget will be entered for Revenue Type.

In the example, below 5000 was entered in for General. You can see how it carries the figure all the way up to the top of the hierarchy.

To enter data in to a field, click in to the field, and type your figure. 

- You can move across the grid by clicking your mouse or by pressing the Tab key (on your keyboard.).
- Use the scroll bars on the right and bottom of the screen to see and enter a Budget for all of your items.
- When you are finished, click the Save button located at the top of the screen. 

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