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Alert Center - Create an Alert

Matrix Premium provides you with a base set of alerts so that you can be up and running immediately. However, you know your goals and business best, so why not create some alerts just for you?  Adding new alerts allows you to see the answers to all of your sales questions each time you log into Matrix.

The Alert Center can be found by tapping on the top Alert Navigation Bar.

1) To create new alerts simply tap on the Alert Settings icon in the top right corner of your Alert Center. A wizard will walk you through adding alerts to meet your needs.

2) Next select the Add Alert button found at the bottom right hand corner of the My Alerts dialog.

3) Determine whether you want to answer a question that solve a problem (Pain) or rewards success (Gain) and then select the specific Alert that you wish to configure. When you're ready, click Next.  Note that you will not see the Next button until an alert is selected.

4) Each alert is based off of a business rule that is predefined with easy to configure and pertinent information. Simply configure configure each of the options, including if you want the alert to trigger as Red/Yellow (Pains) or Blue/Green (Gains). When you're ready, click Next.  Note that you will not see the Next button until all required fields are filled out.

*Note : when you see the "Offices" filter , make sure you select from the options display as ( local, N/A and national) , if you don't want any offices , you will check N/A , otherwise It wont allow you to go to the next step so a selection is always required.

5) Give your alert a name that is meaningful to you and then click Save. Note that you will not see the Save button until a name is entered.

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