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Alert Center - Take Actions

The Matrix Alert Center provides you with great information about your most common sales questions, but it’s what you do with the information that counts! Every alert that flags on your dashboard has a predetermined set of Actions. Those actions give you hints on the best workflow based on the information the alert is giving you. Let matrix be your guide!

Navigation on the result screens are similar across each alert. Here are some general navigation tips:

1) Get to the Results – The Alert Dashboard can be accessed from the top navigation bar any where within Matrix.  Once you are on the Alert Center Dashboard and you find an alert that peeks your interest, tap on that alert.  You will then be directed to the results for that alert. For Example: You would like to know what are the 7 accounts that are 35 days without an activity. 

2) Results –  Each of the items triggering the alert will display here. In general, you can also link out to other areas within Matrix from here and adjust the sort order of the results.

3) Actions - Each alert has a smart list of actions that help you to pick a next, recommended action. Actions can complete a task, add an activity, or even send an email to a specific salesperson about data viewed on the alert.

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