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Alert Center Configuration

Matrix provides you with a base set of alerts so that you can be up and running immediately with Matrix Premium. These alerts are what we recommend as best practice, but you know your business best! The Alert Dashboard gives you the ability to configure your alerts to meet your business objectives and goals. Quickly change properties of existing alerts, or create new alerts. It’s easy to use, easy to personalize, and always actionable.

To configure your alerts simply tap on the Alert Settings icon in the top right corner of your Alert Dashboard. A wizard will help you delete, add, edit, and turn alerts on and off.

  1. Alert Settings - While on the Alert Dashboard you can delete, add, edit, and turn alerts on and off by selecting the Settings gear in the top right hand corner. 
  2. Delete Alerts - To delete an alert tap on the X to the left of each Alert name. Keep in mind that deleting an alert will remove it completely from the dashboard, and from your list of available alerts. 
  3. Turn Alerts On/Off - Instead of deleting an Alert, you might want to turn it off for your dashboard for a time. To turn an alert on or off tap the toggle to the right of the Alert Name. 
  4. Edit Existing Alerts - Quickly change an alert thresholds by tapping on the green Edit button on the far right hand side of the alert that you wish to edit. You will be walked through a quick wizard where you will need to change existing values before saving the changes.
  5. Add New - Add a new alert by selecting the “Add Alert” button at the bottom of the My Alerts dialog. Do you want to keep all existing alerts, but add another to meet additional criteria?  This is the best way to get started.

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