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Alert Center Overview

Get answers to the common questions you ask on a daily basis. The Matrix Alert Center is designed to be the central rallying point for Matrix users. The overriding goal is to drive ACTIONS and RESULTS by providing you with the data you need when you need it.  Easy to use, easy to personalize, and always actionable.

The Alert Center can be found by tapping on the top Alert Navigation Bar. Additionally you can set the Alert Dashboard as your default home page. To do this select “My Profile” and “Preferences." Alert Center Dashboard will be an option located in the drop down for “Home Page Default.” You will have had to purchase Matrix Premium to have access to the Alert Center.

1) Alert Center Navigation Bar - The alert center navigation bar will help you to know how many alerts you currently have in your alert center as well as how many are new. The alert center navigation bar is visible from every area in Matrix.
2)  Alert Severity - There are 3 severities of alerts: Act, Watch, Encourage, and Celebrate.  You can define what is most important to you.  For example you could create a Salesperson Budget Watch that will display the number of salespeople who are 25% below their budget for the month, quarter, or year.  Don’t forget to celebrate!! You can also be alerted to Salespeople who are over their budget for the month, quarter, or year!

3)  Settings -  As an example you might want to receive an alert anytime an account hasn’t been contacted in the last 60 days. The settings area will allow you to make this change to an existing base alert, and focus the data to meet your needs.  You can also add new alerts about important business metrics customized to your team.  

4) New Alert Indicator –  Any alerts that are new to you will display with a number tag on the alert indicating how many new results that you have not seen or acted on yet.  If a number tag does not exist, then you have already viewed all of the information within the alert and no new information exists. You can still check it out and take action, however.

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