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Deal Management - Getting Started

Access the Deal Management page by selecting Deals in the Menu Bar located at the top of any page.

When you first display the Deal Management page, click an Account from the My Accounts list on the left. The details appear to the right in the Deal Details window where you can view and update the Account’s Deals. 

Note: If you select an account that contains more than one open deal, then the most recently updated deal will display. If a deal does not exist, then a new deal will automatically be created. If you wish to save this new deal to the account, you will need to edit the deal’s details and you must save it by clicking the Save button.

Viewing other Deals

To view other deals associated with the account, including the last 5 closed deals, choose the deal from the dropdown list located at the top of the pod.

View the Quick Details of a Deal

To view, but not edit, the details of the deal that is currently displayed, navigate to the Details link. A popup box will appear. 

Note: This box contains the date that the deal was created and when/who last updated the deal.


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