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Work with the My Accounts List

Access the My Account List
1. Access the Deal Management page by selecting Deals in the Menu Bar located at the top of any page.
2. The My Accounts list is on the left.
To update your display:
To display the accounts grouped by Salesperson, Agency or Office, select either of these options from the drop down list located at the top of the list.
To collapse or expand the list:
Click the left facing arrow button to collapse the list and hide the accounts. Click the right facing arrow button to expand the list.
To work with an account’s deals:
From the list, click the account’s name. The Deal Details area updates, and the My Accounts list collapses. If you wish to continually and quickly work with your accounts, you should lock the list to prevent it from collapsing. To lock the list, click the lock icon located to the right of My Accounts at the top of the list.

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