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Street Level - Work with the What's Next Pod - Salesperson

The What's Next Pod gives quick listing of what is coming up for you today, by showing the listing of next activities. To view the Street Level page, click on Street Level from the Menu Bar.

You can view more information about a contact or account (optional fields, though highly recommended!) that is associated with an activity. In the pod, click the account or contact in order to view their profile page.

An icon precedes each row relating to the type of activity listed, enabling you to quickly identify the type of activities present.

Note: If you add a birthday and/or anniversary date to a contact’s profile, your What’s Next Pod will display a reminder seven days before the actual event.

To edit or view an activity:

  • Edit - Click on the Subject in order to edit any field on an Activity.
  • View Email - For Email Activity Types only, click on the Envelope icon preceding the subject of the activity.

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