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Account Profile - Work with the Tags Pod

A Tag is a way to add an additional piece of information to an account. It gives you the ability to capture certain details, that cannot be tracked anywhere else; such as spending habits. In other words, a Tag is a keyword for an account.

For example, you may have several accounts that always spend heavily during the Super Bowl. You could add a Super Bowl Tag to those accounts. Then, at any point in time, you can see the accounts that are tagged with ‘Super Bowl’ by viewing the Accounts List and filtering by the Super Bowl tag.

Tags can be added to Accounts, by clicking within the Search box of the Tags Pod on the Account Profile. To view the Account 's Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Accounts. Then click on an Account's name that you wish to add Tags.

To add a Tag:

  1. In the Search field within the Tags Pod, type the first two characters of the tag.
  2. A drop down list, listing potential matches appears. If the list is too long, you can continue to type in the field to narrow the list. The Tag will appear in the list if at least one other account in the Accounts List contains that Tag.
  3. If you wish to use an existing Tag, select it from the list.  
  4. If you wish create a new Tag, continue to type the Tag and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  5. The Tag appears in the Pod.

To remove a Tag:

  1. In the Tags Pod, click the [x] located to the right of the Tag.
  2. The Tag disappears from the Pod.

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