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Work with the Deals Tab

The Deals tab is accessed by clicking on an Account's name from the My Lists page.  You access the My Lists page via from the Menu Bar - Lists menu, Accounts option.

The Summary tab view is the default. Click on the Deals tab to display the Deals information associated with this account. 

How to Update an Open or Closed deal:

1.  Click the Deal’s name, which appears in blue text. The Deal Management page displays, with the selected deal in view.

2.  Make necessary updates.

3.  Click the Save button.

To Delete an Open Deal: 

1.  Click the Red X in front of the deal's name.
2.  Click Delete from the confirmation message box that appears.

You can quickly update an Open Deal as Won or Lost, without displaying the Deal’s profile page.

To Win a Deal:

1.  Click the Win button. A message box appears.

2.  Respond appropriately.

3. The deal will appear among the other Closed Deals, shaded in green.

    Note:  If the revenue has already been imported, you can remove it from your Pending by clicking the Yes button. Otherwise, click No. The dollars will remain in Pending until the next data import. 

To Lose a Deal:

1.  Click the Lose button. The Reason Lost box displays.

2.  Select an appropriate Reason (from the drop list) and type a note in the Comments area, detailing why you lost the Deal.

3.  Click Save.

     Note:  The Pending dollars are automatically removed. The deal will appear among the other Closed Deals, shaded in green. 

Adding a Deal:

1.  Click the Add a Deal button. The Add a Deal dialog box displays.

     Note: Please do not alter the field, or the Deal will not be affiliated with the Account that you are working with.

2.  Complete the Deal Name, Office, and Time Frame fields, which are required.

     Note:  The Office and Time Frame fields will default to the system defaults unless you update your preferences for the fields in       your Profile. The Time Frame represents the period in which a deal will run.
3.  Complete the optional fields, as necessary.
4.  Click the Save button. The Deal Management page displays with the selected Deal displayed in the Deal Details area.

Note: You can also add a Quick Deal from your Bird's Eye View or a Quick Deal from the My List

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