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Work with the Next Activity Box

To view the Account Profile, move your cursor over the Lists menu and select Accounts. The click on the Account's name that you wish to view.

Once you click on the Account Name to view the Account Profile, one of the main areas on the profile page is the Next Activity Box. From within the Next Activity Box one can schedule future activities. If a future activity has not been scheduled with the account, the schedule one link will be available. 

To schedule an activity:

  1. From the Next Activity bubble, click the schedule one link. The Add an Activity dialog box displays.
  2. Complete the Activity Type, Subject, Date, and Status fields, which are required denoted by a red star.
  3. Do not use the Email type. This is reserved for capturing emails from your email application in to an activity in Matrix. Also, the activity types available may vary, depending on the settings set by your organization. For  example, beneath Call, you may see Cold Call and Collection. You can use these types to specifically classify your activity.
  4. Complete the optional fields, as necessary.
  5. Click the Save or Save & Add Another button.
The Save button saves the activity and closes the dialog box. Whereas, the Save & Add Another button saves the activity, and immediately displays a blank Add an Activity dialog box. Use this option as a convenient way to add a follow-up activity.

If you opted to Download the activity (iCal), please follow the prompts on the screen. Note that the prompts vary, depending on the browser that you are using.

One can not only schedule an Activity, but also complete the next one. If a future (incomplete) Activity has been scheduled with the account, the Activity’s Subject and Due Date will appear in the bubble, as well as the words mark as complete. 

  1. Click the mark as complete link to complete the activity.
  2. A message will display, confirming your action.

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