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Submit a Lead Account for Approval

A Lead account must be submitted to your manager for approval before you will be able to add Deals to it.

Before you can submit a Lead account for approval (to your manager), the account must contain:

  • An address for the Account.
  • At least one Account Contact.
  • At least one Activity (which can be Incomplete or Completed).

You can monitor the status of each of these tasks by viewing the comment bubbles at the top of the account’s profile page. There is one bubble for each task. The bubbles will initially be yellow, but will turn green when a task has been performed.

To Submit a Lead:

  1. Go to the Account Profile Page for the specific account.

    Note: You can use the Search or click on the Account Name from the My Accounts list to display it. You can access My Accounts list by clicking Lists and selecting Accounts.

  2. From the Submit button's drop down list, expand the Manager list by clicking the drop down arrow.
  3. From the list, select the Manager that you want to submit the Lead to.
  4. Click the Submit button. 
    A popup message appears, confirming that the submission was successful. The Submit button is replaced by the Cancel button. Whether your manager approves or rejects it, you will receive an email alerting you of the Lead’s status. 
    If your manager approves the Lead, it will automatically be converted to a Prospect account.If your manager rejects the Lead, it will remain in your Accounts List as a Lead account. 
    Review the notes in the email and/or display the account and review the Notes tab to view comments as to why they rejected your Lead.

Note: If you prefer not to receive Prospect Approval Emails, please click My Profiles, then click Preferences tab, and change the Prospect Approval Emails switch to No.

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