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View an Account’s Deals/Quick Edit

When you are looking at your Bird's Eye View page or your Account List, if an account is preceded by a green dollar sign ($), it indicates that there is at least one open Deal on the account.  It is easy to view details about the Deal or to edit the Deal details or quickly close a Deal.

To see the Deal’s name and total Pending amount:

  1. Move your mouse over the green dollar sign. A pop-up box appears, displaying the Deal’s name and amount 
  2. To Edit some Deal details (including the status): Click the Quick Edit link. The Edit the Deal dialog box displays.
  3. Make any changes and updates that are needed.
  4. Click the Save button

Note: Currently the limit to the number of rows that will show is three (3).  If your Deal Preferences and/or the Deal itself has more than three rows, it is not recommended that you use Quick Edit to update and/or view your Deal; however, you can click on the "See the full deal profile" link to be taken to the specific Deal in the Deal Management screen where you will be able to view all rows added to the Deal.

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