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Shared Accounts FAQ's

Shared Accounts can be a little confusing when looking through them, but they don't have to be. We have put together a list of a few FAQ's to help set you straight when looking at Shared Accounts.

Q. Can I delete a Prospect/Lead account that been shared with me? 
A. No. You cannot delete a Prospect or Lead Account that has been shared with you. You must be the owner of the account to delete it. Ask your manager to remove your access from the account if you no longer wish to see it. 

Q. My shared access to an account has been revoked. What happens to records that I added? i.e. Activities, Contacts, etc.?
A. When your shared access is revoked any records you added will remain with the account. This holds true whether you added the records on behalf of another salesperson or you yourself were the owner of the record. Any record that you owned will automatically be transferred to the owner of the account.

Q. Can I share a Lead account?
A. Yes. You can share Lead, as well as Prospect and Billing Accounts. As a reminder, your manager grants access to shared accounts. Please contact him/her for assistance.

Q. How can I see who the owner of the account is?
A. You can locate the owner of the account on the Accounts List. You can either review the Salesperson column or, if you hover over the purple dot, look for the owner listed amongst the salespeople listed in the pop up box.

Q. I am viewing an account and cannot update the address (I cannot see the “pencil” icon).
A. Chances are, that you are viewing the account as “All”. When you view the account as “All”, you cannot perform certain actions such as updating the address or adding a tag. Please select a salesperson from the Viewing Account for field. You will then be able to update the address.

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