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Working with a Shared Account

Interacting with a Shared Account is basically the same as interacting with any other accounts. You can add/manage records such as tags, contacts, and deals using the same exact methods that you would normally use on your own accounts.

Impersonating a User on an Account
When you impersonate a user, you are acting on behalf of them. Everything you do with the account will be associated with them. For example, if you add a deal while impersonating a user, then that user will be the owner of the deal. Impersonating a user also allows you to only see the information associated with them. For example, if you click on the Deals tab, you will see only the deals that user owns.

To impersonate a user go to the Account Profile page. In the top left corner use the Viewing Account for: drop down menu to select a name. You can also select All from the drop down menu which will allow you to see a combined set of records. 

For example, if you view the Contacts tab while viewing the page as All, you will see all of the contacts associated with the account, regardless of the owner(s). If you wish to add a contact or activity to a shared account and need to be the owner of that record, make sure that the field is set to All. 

In summary, if you are viewing the account as another user and add a record, then that user owns that record. If you are viewing the account as All and add a record, you are the owner of that record.

Note: When the field is set to All, you cannot perform certain updates such as updating the address or managing tags. 

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