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Getting Started with Shared Accounts

A Shared Account is an account that multiple salespeople can access and work with. They can be a great way for two salespeople to work together on a common goal or for someone to cover account management duties when short term issues arise such as vacations, sick leave, etc. Account sharing also enables senior members to mentor new salespeople in your organization for long or short term.  No matter what the reason is, account sharing will allow all sellers on the account to access and work with the account as well as share information.
Everyone that has access to a Shared Account can see all of the account’s details such as: contacts, revenue (as it is reflected from traffic), activities, deals, and more! They can also contribute to the account. So, everyone can add their activities, contacts, and deals.
How do I set up Shared Accounts?
Individuals with a role of Manager are the only individuals who have access to grant shared access.  If you are an Account Executive looking for shared access, please contact your Manager.

If you are a Manager looking to setup shares access, please follow the below steps:
  1. Hover over Lists (in navigation pane) and select Accounts. 

  2. Search for the Account (or accounts) you are looking to share and select the checkbox next to the Account name. 

  3. Click on Mass Actions (in top left corner of Account List) and select Share Accounts.  

  4. In the Search field, begin typing the salesperson’s last name. From the list of choices that appears, select their name from the list. 

  5. Optionally, set an expiration date by checking the Expires on checkbox, and selecting a date from the popup calendar.  

  6. Repeat steps 4 (and optionally 5) to add additional salespeople to the account. 

  7. Click the Save button.

How do I know if an account is shared?
There are a few indicators that an account is shared. 
  • On the Accounts List and  the Sales Outlook pod (Bird’s Eye View) list, look for accounts preceded by a purple dot. Hover over the dot to see the list of everyone that shares the account.  You must check the Show Shared Accounts checkbox to see your Shared Accounts in the Sales Outlook pod.
  • Another indicator of a Shared Account is on the account’s page. Look for the Viewing Account for field, in the upper left corner. This field contains a list of the account’s owner(s). This field is only present when the account is shared. 

How do I access a shared account?
You will access a Shared Account the same way that would any other account. You can use the search field in the menu/search bar or access the account from the Accounts List.

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