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Use Matrix Locker on Profile Pages

To view an (agency or account) profile pages, please navigate to Lists, then select either Agency or Account to access the profile pages. On profile pages, you can see and manage file affiliations only related to the profile page that you are viewing.

Access the Matrix Locker

On a profile, look for the Matrix Locker pod OR tab. If the profile page has a Matrix Locker tab, click it to access the Locker. 

Note: In the event that you are sharing an account with someone, you will have the ability to see the files that they have affiliated with the account.

Upload a File

1. Click the Upload button. 

Note: If you are working with a shared account’s profile page, please ensure that the Viewing Account for field is set to the correct salesperson. If the field is to All, you will be the owner of the file and it will appear in your Matrix Locker.

2. Browse to, and select the file from your computer. Because you are viewing an item’s profile page, the affiliation will automatically occur. (You will see the item’s name populated in the affiliations box.) Click the Save button when ready.


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