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Working with Folders in Matrix Locker

In order to access Matrix Locker, please navigate to Lists, and then select Matrix Locker. The following sections present that actions that you can perform when you are working with Folders in Matrix Locker.

The concept of the Folders feature in the Matrix Locker is much like that of Microsoft Windows. You can add folders and store files in a particular folder to better organize your files.

Add a Folder

Click the gear icon beside the “parent” folder, and then select Add a folder. In the Folder Name field type a name, and then click Save.

Rename a Folder

In the event that you need to change the name of a folder, click the gear icon beside the folder’s name, and then select Rename. In the Folder Name field, type the new name, and then click the Save button. 

Note: You cannot rename the My Files folder.


Explore a Folder

You can see the folder structure by clicking the expand button [+] preceding a folder. Clicking the collapse button [-] collapses a folder.

View the Contents of a Folder

To view the contents of a folder, click the folder’s name.

Delete a Folder

Click the gear icon beside the folder that you wish to delete, and then select the Delete Folder option. Then, click the Delete button from the confirmation message box that appears.The folder and all of the files/folders contained inside of it will be permanently deleted. Please proceed with caution.


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