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Working with the Recently Imported Pod

The Recently Imported Pod is in the Bird's Eye View. In order to access the Bird's Eye View, please navigate to the Bird's Eye View on the top of your screen. In the Recently Imported Pod, you can perform three different actions as described below:

Hover over to View Details

You can use the hover over feature to view the details of the Imported dollars and to work with the Remaining Pending amount. If an amount appears in blue, underlined text, you will be able to use this feature. Move your mouse over the amount that you wish to view more details about.

Zero Out Pending

An account will appear multiple times if it contains more than one deal in the same time frame, and is affected by an import. When this occurs, you will need to communicate to Matrix which of the deal’s pending dollars are affected. This is because Matrix is unsure of which pending dollars should be reconciled. In order to zero out pending dollars, hover over the Remaining Pending amount, and then click the Zero Out link for the appropriate month.

Win a Deal

You can quickly mark a deal as Closed-Won. To mark a deal as Closed-Won, click the Win button. A message will appear, confirming that you have closed the deal. When you close a deal using this shortcut, the Pending dollars are immediately removed.

NOTE:  To view items that occurred in previous days, click on the calendar icon (From Date), and go back 1 week.  You should see any deals that Matrix could not auto reconcile pending.

NOTE: A negative amount showing in the “IMPORTED” column is the difference in Imported dollars from the previous import of the account.

Example: Monday the account imports at $10,000, Tuesday the order was adjusted and imported as $7,500, you will see a -$2,500.


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