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Using the Matrix Activity - Gmail

The following contains step by step instructions for users who use Gmail and would like to download their Matrix Activity vCard. If you do not use Gmail, please skip this section.

1. In the Integration's area on the My Profile page, click the Download vCard link (from the Matrix Activity Email section).

· A download prompt appears.

        Note:  Please do not open the vCard at this point.  If your prompt provides you with a choice to Save or Open, please choose Save

2. Display your Gmail account.

3. From the menu on the upper left side of the screen, select Contacts.

4. From the left side of the screen, select Import Contacts

· The Import contacts dialog box displays.

5. Browse to the appropriate folder location (from Step 1), and then choose the Matrix_Activity.vcf file that you downloaded from Matrix.

6. Click the Import button.

Any email with “Matrix Activity” included as a recipient will automatically create a completed Email activity in Matrix. To keep your contacts from seeing the Matrix Activity email address, it is best practice to add the Matrix Activity contact to the BCC address line of an email message.


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