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Using the Matrix Activity Contact - Outlook

Setting Up for Email Activity Types

The Email activity type should be reserved to capture and save emails that you send to your contacts. To use this activity type, you will not actually create an activity. The activity will be created for you, and the email contents saved in Matrix, when you send the email through your email system. To successfully use this feature, you need to ensure that you save your personal Matrix Activity vCard to your email’s electronic address book. Note: You will only complete this step once.

To save your personal Matrix Activity vCard:

1. From the menu / search bar, click My Profile.

2. Click the Integration's button.

3. In the Matrix Activity Email area, click the Download vCard link.

4. Follow the prompts on the screen to save the vCard as a contact in your electronic address book. The prompts that you receive on the screen may vary, depending on the browser that you are using.

Use the Email Activity Function

Once you have saved your personal Matrix Activity vCard in to your electronic address book, using the functionality is very easy.

- Create an email, as you normally would in Outlook or Gmail.
- Be sure to include your personal "Matrix Activity" contact in the BCC line before you send the email. (This will ensure that your Matrix Activity contact address will remain private.)

When you send the email, Matrix will review the address(es) of the email recipient(s), and create the activity for you.

Note: It is highly recommended that contacts are first added/imported that contain an email address prior to using this function.
Be aware of the following situations:

- If an email address matches a contact in Matrix, then the contact is added to the Email activity and the activity will automatically be listed as Completed for you in Matrix.
- If an  email address does not match any contacts in Matrix, then that contact will not be added to the Email activity. However, an Incomplete Email activity will be created for you in Matrix.

Note: If the email is part of a chain, Matrix will scan the recipient address fields, as well as the first header within the email chain for addresses to attach to the Matrix activity.


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