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Wide Orbit API / Matrix Integration Overview

Historically users that utilized Wide Orbit as their traffic solution needed to have access to a special revenue export report and needed to pull that report manually to send to Matrix each day to update the revenue. With the new Wide Orbit API report, there is no longer a need to continue to use the manual export, as the API will allow for the automated send of data to Matrix overnight to fully update the revenue in the system.

General Functionality with This Integration

  • Automated nightly traffic file sent to Matrix from Wide Orbit
  • Additional fields available with the integration out of the box
  • More additional fields can be made available (Wide Orbit Development effort)

What to Expect with your Wide Orbit API Integration with Matrix

  • To get started with the Wide Orbit API, you must first contact your Success Manager at Matrix. They will assist with the paperwork needed from the Matrix end to get your account setup for the Wide Orbit API. Additionally, you will want to reach out to your Account Manager at Wide Orbit, as they also have paperwork that needs to be completed to setup the API.

The data fields that are available in the API are:



Additional columns could potentially be made available, but to do so you will need to speak with your Wide Orbit Account Manager to discuss potential options.

Once the paperwork has been sorted out, Wide Orbit will provide Matrix with API keys to access your data for the API integration. Matrix will then configure the Matrix database so that it will begin to pull over the data from the Wide Orbit API. It is important to note that there will be a testing phase, you will still want to provide the daily manual Wide Orbit report until a representative of Matrix informs you that you no longer need to do so.

For a period of a few days, Matrix will review the data that is sent via the API to ensure that Matrix is able to map the data according to the current standards in your Matrix database, as well as to ensure revenue is being reported correctly.

Once Matrix has deemed that the file is accurate, a representative of Matrix will work with you to ensure that the revenue is also correctly reporting to your standards. A report created in Microsoft Excel will be provided to you to allow for the validation of the revenue. Once you have validated the revenue, Matrix will work to schedule a date to cutover to the Wide Orbit API.

Matrix will adjust the import packages and mapping for the updated API feed and ensure that the data imports correctly. After some initial QA by the Matrix team, the data will be available for you to review to ensure that all is accurate.

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